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Monolithic Glass

Monolithic Glass is a single lite of glass that is typically used in the construction of the final Viracon fabricated product

The sandblasting effect is achieved by alumina granules that are pressurized onto the surface to create the desired decoration. Sandblasted glasses are usually used as decorations whether it’s classic wooden doors, windows, tables or showcases. Also, they are great choices when partitioning space under low lighting conditions.

Enameled glass is tempered or heat-reinforced glass, pre-painted with ceramic colors all over the surface or partially. The colors we use are water-based, environmentally safe and usable for the food industry.

The trend that dominated the world is placing enameled glass in place of ceramic tiles in kitchens. Some of the advantages of this glass are its integrity, elegant glow, the adaptability to the existing design in the apartment, giving you a unique element in the interior. Enameled glass is also used for covering walls, ceilings, bathrooms, built-in sliding wardrobes, and facade covering.

The use of digital printers is the latest trend in creating glass for interiors. Print is durable, UV-resistant and high-resolution, which allows for very high print quality.

RAMA-GLAS offers the possibility that your selected painting adorns the walls, kitchens and closets of your home.

Silk-screen printing on glass is a kind of processing that serves for decorative purposes, both in glazing facades and interior decoration. It is a process of applying color to the glass through the special sieves on which the motif is prepared. After applying the paint, the glass is squeezed, resulting in a colored safety glass.

The diversity of patterns and colors, we can give each individual facade its visual identity. By combining silk-screened and enameled glass, special visual effects can be obtained.

Bending the glass is a process in which the glass plate is heated in a controlled way.

The glass bends on the metal mold and takes shape when bending. The folded glass is often used as roofing glass in bright domes, eaves, balustrades, shop windows, on the facade edges, as part of furniture, curved automatic doors or shower cabin partitions.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is a safety glass consisting of two or more layers of glass, the same or different thicknesses, connected by a safety laminating film.

Laminated safety glass is a key component in the realization of modern architecture. It consists of two or more glass panels combined in one using PVB, EVA and SGP foils, giving glass multi-functional characteristics that can meet the demands of modern construction without affecting its transparency.

Laminated glass has unparalleled application possibilities. If you need protection from burglars, bulletproof and explosive protection, passive protection for furniture and safety with glass objects in everyday use, this glass is the solution for you.

As the most reliable and today’s most innovative solution for laminated glass, we use a special SentryGlas® Plus foil (SGP®) which enhances tear-clearance more than 5x and bending resistance up to 100x from glass with a PVB foil. These foils are used for installation where extreme safety, lightweight and thinner glass is needed.

Laminated glass can be used within RAMATERM, RAMA3 and RAMA QUADRO in thermal insulation, with RG SEKURITE in tempered design or a combination of these three variants. If you want noise protection, laminated glass with high performance soundproof films is used.

Tempered Glass

In the process of tempering each glass receives the following characteristics:

4-5 times the strength and flexibility from the glass of the same thickness that is not tempered, which allows it to provide better sustainability in a blunt stroke.

Tempering also makes the glass more resistant to sudden temperature changes, as well as resistance to large temperature differences on one panel.

In the event of a shot, the tempered glass will slip into blunt pieces of several millimeters in diameter that considerably reduces the risk of injury.

Insulating Glass

Changing the joinery? Low-E glass with the latest spacer in our market, Super Spacer, is an ideal combination that will provide maximum insulation to your home

In insulating glass with Super Spacer, instead of aluminum alloy, we use silicone sponge material that has a high insulation rate and at the same time absorbs the internal moisture. This reduces dew on the edges of glass and is characterized by great energy savings.

Energy savings go up to 40% by replacing worn out windows with energy efficient RAMATERM+, RAMA3+ and RAMA QUADRO+ glasses. Do not throw money out of the window! With our energy-efficient program you can reduce your bills and save the planet for your kids.

Fire-resistant Glass

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Special Glass

Following the trends of contemporary lifestyle where glass is increasingly applied, glass manufacturers are constantly working on improving existing ones as well as placing completely new products. RAMA-GLAS ensures that besides the known products, we meet with new ones, which have a special and different application:

  • Perfect for places where stringent hygiene is required, the antibacterial effect of silver ion inside the glass eliminates 99% of all bacteria that form on the surface and prevents the spread of fungi.

  • Ideal for clinics, pharmacies, SPA centers, bathrooms …

  • It is also called Self-cleaning glass, SGG Bioclean.

  • Self-cleaning glass with a coating that, with the effect of sun and rain, efficiently removes impurities and dirt from the glass. Glass can be used in various combinations of Low-E coatings and glass.

  • The most common application is on facades, roof windows… Its application is limited in terms of the weather conditions it requires to have an effect.

  • The glass is coated on one side with organic color and is available in a variety of shades.

  • Applies to wall coverings, doors, shelves, furniture parts.

  • It is also called satin glass.

  • Glass is acid-treated, where the surface is smooth and uniform, opaque but retains a high level of light permeability and stain resistance.

  • Applies to partitions, doors, furniture parts…

  • High quality, non-damaging metal mirrors with corrosion, chemical and moisture protection.

  • Application in the interior (wall coverings, furniture parts).

  • Antireflex glass with a reflection of less than 1%.

  • Also applied in exterior (glass shelves), and in the interior (glass partitions, showcases).

  • Glass with a special anti-corrosion and anti-limescale coating, which simplifies cleaning without visible traces of droplets on the glass.

  • Application in the interior (glass shower enclosures, coverings, balustrades).

  • Glass of high surface resistance, resistant to physical damage (scratches).

  • Application in interiors (table boards, various wall coverings and stands, glass railings).

  • Glass with a special coating that prevents the formation of condensate and fog (Anti condensation glass)

  • Application in exterior (glass doors, windows, facades). Especially when using triple RAMA3 glasses.

  • Also called Pilkington Optiwhite, SGG Diamant.

  • Glass with a very low percentage of iron (Low-iron glass) in its structure increases the permeability of the light and neutralizes the greenish color of plain glass.

  • Applies to atriums, roof windows, shop windows, glass showcases, balustrades.