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Glassflex is a new factory for manufacturing all kinds of glass, located in the industrial zone TIR3 in Tetovo. The hall has an area of 8400m2 and it’s a grand revolutionary step forward in manufacturing a plethora of kinds of flat glass in Macedonia and the region.  The new architectural era and urban planing created a need to keep in touch with world trends and infuse glass in more and more of our projects, wisely using all its benefits. No matter if it’s architectural, interior or glass used for residential housing, this factory has the possibility to satisfy the needs of the market, using only 10% of the total labor capacity. 

The factory is 90% oriented towards exports and it has the most renowned brands for manufacturing all kinds of flat glass such as: Glaston Interrmac, Pujol, Best makina, Battelino etc. that contribute to the complete robotization of the whole manufacturing process.  By collaborating with our partners Saint Gobain Glass, AGC, Guardian Glass, Technoform, Kommerling, Dow Corning, Grace Davison and Sika, we have reached exceptionally high standards and a guaranteed quality of the products we offer.  It is our vision to actively present the ideas of modern architecture together with our strategic partners, save the environment through building energy efficient systems and passive houses that fulfil the highest criteria for saving energy and building projects with earth-friendly materials.